Ľutujeme ale táto možnosť je nedostupná



jojosA person that I decide to take pictures of, I perceive intuitively. I see it as a formable material in the form of man, I slowly recognize the dynamics of their personality and subtle emotions. I'm looking for the right moment, because my job gives me the "power to stop time"...
Moments otherwise easily perishable, are captured and become permanent. That is the magic of photography. Anyone can take pictures. But drawing light to control shadows, capture the beauty, grace and charm of one's personality, is capable of only one connecting their responsiveness with professionalism. My inspiration comes unexpectedly and often conjures images of the most beautiful coincidence. I express myself through photography, I talk about photography and even dream about it...

The greatest success of a photographer are times when people in front of the lens become such, as what they are in reality. I enthusiastically pick up a glowing look, natural poses and gestures that they make quite unconsciously.
I think the best pictures are created when the client and photographer humanly converge: when you break through the barriers of shyness and tension subsides. My working method is a comprehensive perception of the human being: body, soul and spirit.
Along with my work team, we pride ourselves on photographic ethics i.e. professionalism, decent and fair dealing with clients, timeliness and confidentiality.


Sabina Plevakova - IFBB Bikini - 2015 – 1st place on the Arnold Classic USA – category up to 163cm – Columbus , Ohio
Andrea Neumannová - IFBB-Bikini Fitness
Timea Trajtelova - IFBB Bikini – 2015 IFBB World championship El Salvador - 1st place (Bikini fitness junior up to 166cm) + OVERALL WINNER

Birth of Angels

My favorite series...

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