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How will you find me and first informations before a photo shooting.

Contact undergoes by mail or by phone. For me it is important to know what kind of photo shoot you want (photos of children, portraits, poetic photography, glamour …) And based on that specify your requirements. If you do not have a specific idea, you can confidently entrust that to our care. Finally, we can agree on a specific date and time when we meet.

What information do I need from you.

What kind of style you’re interested in. For example modeling, family, children, upcoming mommy… If you’d like to take photos in the studio or outside or in some kind of castle, club… How would you like to look like in the photos. Like a mom, cougar or romantic… These informations will help on deciding on the visage-for example your clothes fit with the make up as well as the hairstyle.

Before a photo shoot 2 – 3 days.

No solarium. If you were in a solarium, then you’ll have to wait a week before coming. Drinking regime is importan- mineral water is the most convenient, don’t forget fruit andavoid alcohol.

Day before a photo shoot.

Absolutely no alcohol. In case of a photo shoot in lingerie, or if you were to be naked in the photos, shave your body hair. Thoroughly clean your skin, but not right before the photo shoot. With dry skin- apply a greasy cream on the night before. With a greasier skin- treat with a cream that tightens your pores. Don’t forget about pedicure and manicure, broken nails spoil the overall impression. Before the photo shoot it is advised that you get a good sleep. Don’t apply make up when or before you arrive! That includes mascara and eye liners. If your place of employment requires you to use make up, it is important that two hours before the photo shoot you remove your make up. If we’re photo shooting after your working hours it is recommended to get eye drops to relax your eyes.

What you shouldn’t worry aboutat all.

You do not have to worry about acne, stretch marks, scars, and all similar imperfections. For acneall you have to do is clean your face with a soothing tonic. We used quality, decorative make up cosmeticsand with its helpwe can hide most imperfections, the rest will go into post production.In case of injuries, scratchesa nd rashes it is no problem at all either. In case of cold sores on your lips of a larger size it would be better to change the appointment for a later time.

How to dress up and what do you bring.

If we couldn’t decide on the style of the photos, it is good to bring more kind of clothesin different styles. Sporty, elegant, sexy, various lingerie, panties with a classic style, french model, etc., I do not recommend thongs. Also bring a variety of accessories likeneckwear, belts, beads, jewelry, hats, pantyhoseand don’t forget shoes. At least one pair of heels with a height of5-6 cm. For photo shoots in the style ofact, in lingerie etc., it would be better to arrive with more loose clothing and especially more loose lingerie. The clothe markings on your skin fades for a very long time.

During the photo shoot.

I always put maximum effort into a relaxed, friendly and happy atmosphere. I like to talk to my customers before photo shooting, I watch their reactions, their gesturesand other aspectsimportant in my work. I approach the photo shoot with tact and flair, so I can catch the person’s personalityand capture the unique atmosphere of the moment. There for it is only possible to take so much photos in one day, theclient earns an individual approach andthe photo shoot goes calmly and with no stress. If you’re short on time, for example an hour or an hour and a half, it is best left for another time. Time pressure does not help in creating a photo at all and it pointlessly stresses you out.

Before the photo shoot in the studio, we’ll go through your clothes that you’ve brought and we’ll try and create combinations. With the decision of my assistant we’ll decide on the style of make up.

Applying make up can take up to an hour depending on the complexity. Make up can be improved upon in the middle of the photo shoot.

And then we can begin on the actual photo shoot. During the photo shoot I will try my best to aid you. Gradually I will put you into different kinds of poses and I will tell you how to stand correctly, I’ll show you how to place your arms, legs and head in a way so it suits you the best. I have enough experience so I know what fits you and what does not. So please, trust me. Together we can then create beautiful and interesting photos from which we’ll both be happy about.

During the shoot I will show you the photos I’ve taken so far and then we can decide on what would you like to have changed or kept until you’re satisfied. In case of a photo shoot with nudity then I ALWAYS make sure that there is nothing truly revealed. I also refuse to take photos of nude people who don’t have an intentionwith artistic photography. Please respect that.

After the photo shoot.

After the photo shoot in the studio we’ll go and look through all of the photos we took and decide which ones are going into post production.

Complete CD with finished photos I then hand out to you in 14 work days since our photo shoot. In rare cases it can take up to 30 work days. The CD with the data may be picked up by the client themselves.

/Update/Instead of a CD we can mail you the data through Google DiskDrive. With this, you can download all your finished photos in the comfort of your home.


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